Zinspilot (DE)

The ZINSPILOT investor service offers easy and convenient access to overnight and fixed-term deposits from Europe (including Germany, France and Austria). The investments can be concluded in cooperation with Sutor Bank (Hamburger Privatbank since 1921), which invests the savings deposits with the investment banks on behalf of the customer.

Deposits and withdrawals are made simply and transparently via the customer's ZINSPILOT investment account with Sutor Bank in Germany. Thanks to the secure reference account principle, investors do not need PINs and TANs with Sutor Bank. For deposits, the investor service ZINSPILOT offers a convenient service package depending on the needs of the investor: Transfer slips to be handed in at the bank branch, payment data for online banking or immediate transfer. Investment amounts are paid out directly to the customer's deposited reference account at his bank. The deposits are also subject to the deposit protection guidelines of the respective investment country. This means that customer deposits at each investment bank are fully secured up to an amount of EUR 100,000. The advantages of ZINSPILOT are that customers can invest as little as 1 euro and that the account is completely free of charge.