Nielsen Homescan (CH)

Every publisher needs to receive a written approval before starting to promote this campaign, please send your preview at

The Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel is representing Swiss consumers. By scanning the barcodes on their purchases and completing fun surveys, panelists truly make their opinions count in the consumer marketplace.

Please do not use "money" in your promotion, but talk about "rewards" instead!

Main targets:
Coop-Buyers OR
65+ years OR
Living in Ticino OR
without Children

Lead flow: SOI registration

Limited volume, please reserve some budget at before starting to promote this campaign.

• Membership of the panel must not sound like a job, paid work and no monetary rewards should be mentioned

• Advertising should not suggest that on-registration, applicants will be automatically accepted to join to the panel; the applicants will go through a vetting process before being onboarded

• In any promotion of the panel, copy should be in the local native language and grammatically correct; proofing by native copywriters should be used

• Any images which could be considered offensive or could lead to complaints must not be used. Images used must be free of creative rights

• All information must be factually correct, as provided by the advertiser – only information that is presented within the campaign description or that is visible on the landing pages provided, can be used. Publishers must not create statements which are false or untrue.

• Nielsen or Dynata logos should not be included in any form of advertising content or promotion, including images

• Any demographic targeting must not be included within the advertising content or promotion (e.g. "looking for singles to join a scanning panel"... etc)

• If any images of scanners are used, they must not illustrate the inside of a supermarket or suggest that scanning should take place outside of the residential home, they should represent a home hand-held scanner that is solely used at home

• No brand should be mentioned in the posts either by name or logo; all images must be free of brand mentions. This includes, Nielsen, Dynata or any other third party brand.