I-say (CH)

Target: General population 18+

i-Say is an online survey rewards community powered by Ipsos, one of the largest and best paying survey-based market research companies around the world. Ipsos works with the world’s most trusted brands and companies to help improve their products and services. All this is possible through our community’s members’ feedback and opinions.

By joining i-Say, your information will only be used for research purposes, as stated in the Privacy Policy. Your registration in the community is entirely free and no purchase is necessary.

• Join the community for free
• Test Products
• Take interesting online surveys
• Earn points that you can convert into vouchers

If you use email marketing than please present the first preview for approval. This can be sent to france@daisycon.com

Caution: To avoid fraudulent promotion of the campaign, the leads activity rate (How many % of the generated leads will start a to fill a first survey) from every active publisher will be checked on a monthly basis. If this activity rate is under 10%, 50% of the leads of the publisher will be disapproved.